I maintain a small list of recommendations for high-quality content that stood out to me and should be broadly accessible.

I have some open-source projects and some personal projects. I may list those here one day.

I am writing The Programmer's Compendium (for myself but you might find it useful). It also aggregates high-quality reference or learning materials for Software Engineering.

Finally, I have written articles like any good personal website:

  1. Running a Single Application Through a VPN
  2. TPM2 on ASRock's H97M Pro4 Motherboard
  3. Firefox Multi-Account Containers
  4. Setting up Radicale on a Raspberry Pi
  5. Setting up Transmission as a service to use over the network
  6. Discovering your Raspberry PI on the local network
  7. Setting up a VPS using DebOps
  8. Getting to Absolutely Zero Email Spam
  9. Fixing an overheating Dell N5110 Inspiron laptop
  10. Why a Replaceable Battery may be a Good Idea for a Phone
  11. Using KeePass Effectively

Excluding the following probably-outdated posts:

  1. Error loading KeePassXC on Arch Linux
  2. Windows 8 Opt-out of data collection
  3. Fixing Windows Explorer Crashing with .Mov Files